Roller comic retro scooter embroidery

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Super sweet scooter in "comic" look lovingly hand drawn by me (intentionally not quite the "original" also because patent rights) but it should look similar, like is a Vespa :-)))

The oval applique looks really cute on a kindergarten bag - something different (... no owls :-)))

The scooter can with material in chabbylook (cut, slightly frayed) be used as an application framework.

The scooter is among girls and boyssame popular (even among adults :-))) In oval applique may the big heart motive object be omitted (last 2 items)

It is embroidered very quickly - the effect of motives is really nice and you can see time and again from different ... (depending on which fuel you put under it)

Super price for the set with 8 Embroidery.

There are 4 motives in different versions - a total of 8 files for the frame 10x10cm and 13x18cm (see size detail in the pictures)

Here the values ​​in mm (millimeters), please also view the photos in detail, there reads all sizes in a picture overview.

★ 01 Roller solo 100x75
★ 02 scooter with stars 100x100
★ 03 Roller solo 125x90
★ 04 Roller picture "La Dolce Vita" 130x160
★ 05 Roller as ovals Appli 162x130
★ 05a Roller as ovals Appli without text, ohen Herzechen 162x130
★ 06 Roller as ovals Appli (edgewise under) 130x162
★ 06a Roller as ovals Appli (edgewise under) without text, ohen Herzechen 130x162

Each object is separately in each one file.

You will receive a total of 8 Embroidery / Embroidery

♥ for embroidery frame 10 x 10 cm and / or 13 x 18cm and / or greater ♥

It is sold only as a set, selling individual Stickdateien is excluded.



Available formats



Direct download after payment


A revocation is excluded after receipt of embroidery.


System Requirements

What is needed is a commercially available electronic embroidery machine without stitch count limit with a hoop in the above-mentioned size and the ability of the above embroidery file formats to read.



All Stickdateien offered were successfully embroidered both on different machines and on different materials and tested sufficiently. Moreover, is expressly should consult before you embroider on garments to make a test drive. Should they nevertheless erziehlen satisfactory results, please contact your dealer to Kaprije embroidery machines to resolve the issue. Consequently, the responsibility for any incorrect operation is not accepted.


Legal Notice

When selling embroidered products "Embroidery: Rock Queen" is indicated.


It is allowed

- Apply the unchanged Stickdateien / embroidery pattern in any materials and business to drive up to max. 50 pieces per design

- To embroider applications (buttons) and for sale

Change colors within the embroidery or embroider one color -


It is not permitted

- Mass production in the form of applications or embroidered objects (clothing, accessories, objects etc) From 50 pieces of the same design can be mass production

- To change the embroidery file to remove parts of it or to remove and then impersonate own

- Omit parts of the embroidery file or to embroider only partially, unless the product description text explicitly allowed

To use basic elements for our own designs and to distribute these -

- To copy the drive file (s) to modify or sell.

Violations may be prosecuted!



For companies

Are permitted the granting of rights to mass production through the consent of ,, Rock Queen ''.

Please contact us !

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