Embroidery files doodle round applique with hearts stars crown and DIY border

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Embroidery files doodle round applique with hearts stars crown and DIY border - Our Mega Set for hoops 10x10, 13x18, 14x20, 16x26, 18x30, 20x30

We have here the borders in each 5 versions and each 5 formats and 3 versions

Version 1 = only the Doodle border - you can place your own motif inside (e.g. with a passport)

Version 2 = Doodle border and inside a Doodle / line stitch applique, this can be lined with fabric and there you can put your own motives (e.g. on a garment which has a colorful muste and you want to put a monochrome back inside and in it a motive, the fabric with the single linen / doddle border frays something, Shabbylook)

Version 3 = Doodle edge and inside a satin edge applique, which with the thicker edge, in it the end edge of the fabric disappears and it does not fray anything (e.g. on a MugRug or backpack, where "clean" finishes are paid attention)

In addition we have packed all small parts in 5 sizes each, so you can put together your own Doodle circle yourself. Procedure: Take Doodle Circle 1 (or 6 or 11) and place the small pieces at the edge or inside or outside. It also looks great if you take a finished border, e.g. with the hearts and then add the small hearts outside the frame, e.g. on a dress.

So everyone can participate again, even with a small frame. Have fun with this great set from the whole Rock-Queen Team!

Motifs: 22, Files: 132
Technique: Doodle lines frame also as Doodle and satin stitch application, Vollstick small parts
Frames: Doodle Frames 10x10, 13x18, 14x20, 16x26, 18x30, 20x30 Small parts for 10x10 frames
stitches: The stitches and sizes are shown on the overviews, explanation: S = number of stitches, C = colour change, H = height in mm, W = width in mm
Object size: The sizes in millimeters are shown on the overviews.
Set Info: It is only sold as a set, sale of individual embroidery files is excluded.

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Direct-DOWNLOAD after payment

A revocation is excluded after receipt of the embroidery files.

System requirements

A commercially available electronic embroidery machine without stitch number limitation with an embroidery hoop of the above-mentioned size and the possibility to read one of the above-mentioned embroidery file formats is required.


All offered embroidery files have been successfully embroidered and sufficiently tested on various machines as well as on various fabrics. In addition, it is strongly recommended to make a test stick before embroidering on garments.  Should you still not achieve satisfactory results, please contact your embroidery machine dealer to solve the problem together.  Therefore, responsibility for incorrect operation is not assumed.

Legal information

When selling embroidered items, "Embroidery file: Rock Queen".

Choose Private License (STANDARD)

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