ITH in the hoop Dirndl zipper bags no. 2 embroidery file

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ITH - in the hoop - Stickdatei - Zipper Dirndl bag set number 2 in 5 sizes 13x18, 14x20, 15x22, 16x26 and 20x20cm.  The bags are simply practical and also totally beautiful. All completely ITH, so embroidered in the hoop. With zipper, inside complete with lining, the embroidery is NOT visible inside the lining; everything is nicely cleaned and the zipper sewn in with the embroidery machine rounds the whole thing off. Real "professional work", so to speak. The weeks of tinkering and trying it out really paid off! NOTHING has to be sewn on the sewing machine. Holders for pretty bag chains are also embroidered, to which the chain can be attached later.

The bag can be carried across the shoulder or under or over the apron on the stomach and is protected against theft. Especially at the Oktoberfest it is very important that you don't lose your mobile phone, keys and taxi fare. This much fits into the small 13x18 pocket. For example, we had an Iphone 5, banknotes, 2 keys, 1 lip gloss and 1 flat pocket mirror inside. That's all you need :-) Super practical and finally you can match the colour of the bag to your dirndl, that's really all we needed.

Because so many asked, the pocket chains are available at Klunkerinsel (from the photo) the ones with the heart carabiner are here: Bagchains at Klunkerinsel often sold out

Alternative is the dear Gertie from my-Decoration Link for the bag chains here: Bag Chains at my-Decoration

Both shops I can highly recommend good quality and flash shipping.

THIS ARE REAL ITH Bags - AS COMPLETE AS YOU SEE THE BAGS ITH - ITH ITH INCLUDED IN THE EMBROIDER ZIP AND LINING. Incredible? Yes, but true. The small inconspicuous turning opening lies inside the bag and is almost invisible. So if you have a 13x18, 14x20 frame, 16x26 or 20x20 frame, you will love these bags, they are already popular with all SUPER and get 5 stars "with kisses" from all of us who have tested them. 4 "blank pouches" are also included, so you can then place your very private motifs. A detailed description in word AND picture is of course also included. Have fun embroidering! The finished bags are approx. 1cm "smaller" than the file size.
Embroidery file size / end size of bag (frame size)
13x18 = 12x17 (frame 13x18)
14x20 = 13x19 (frame 14x20 or 20x20)
15x22 = 14x21 (frame 16x26 or 18x30)
16x24 = 15x23 (frame 16x26 or 18x30)
20x20 = 19x19 (frame 20x20 or 20x30)

These are approximate values depending on the material.

ONLY FOR 13x18 & 14x20 & 16x26 & 20x20 frames

♥ Motives: 15, Files: 80 incl. 5 blank files for your own samples (5 sizes)
♥ Technology: ITH
♥ Frames: 13x18, 14x20, 16x26, 20x20
♥ stitches: The stitches are on the overviews, explanation:
S = Number of stitches, C = Colour change, H = Height in mm, W = Width in mm
♥ Object size: The sizes in millimeters are shown on the overviews.
♥ Formats: PES, JEF, EXP, DST, VIP, VP3, HUS, XXX
♥ Set Info: It is only sold as a set, sale of individual embroidery files is excluded.

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