ITH in the hoop blanco pocket set 1 horizontal embroidery file

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ITH-Blanko Bag Set 1 horizontal embroidery file ITH - in the hoop - Embroidery file - Zipper Blank bag 10x10 + 10x17 + 10x20 + 13x18 + 14x20 + 16x26 + 18x30 + 20x20 + 20x30 + 8x24 The bags are simply mega practical and also totally beautiful. All completely ITH, so embroidered in the hoop. With zipper, inside complete with lining, the embroidery is NOT visible inside the lining; everything is nicely cleaned and the zipper sewn in with the embroidery machine rounds the whole thing off. Real "professional work", so to speak. The weeks of tinkering and trying it out really paid off! NOTHING has to be sewn on the sewing machine. A detailed and illustrated inscription is also included. Also suitable for beginners and written in great detail. Material list is also added.

It is expressly permitted to embroider the blank bags WITH embroidery files - own or from other manufacturers (as long as they allow this), to plot them or otherwise embellish them (paint them with T-shirt pens or fabric paint, stick them on with glittering stones etc.) There remains no wish open - great also for children's parties.

♥ Motifs: 10 blank pocket motifs - 10 formats / files
♥ Technology: ITH embroidery with full embroidery & appliqué and text embroidery
♥ Frames/Sizes: 10x10 + 10x17 + 10x20 + 13x18 + 14x20 + 16x26 + 18x30 + 20x20 + 20x30 + 8x24
♥ stitches: The stitches are on the overviews, explanation: S = number of stitches, C = colour change, H = height in mm, W = width in mm
♥ Object size: The sizes in millimeters are shown on the overviews.
♥ Formats: PES, JEF, EXP, DST, VIP, VP3, HUS, XXX
♥ Set Info: It is only sold as a set, sale of individual embroidery files is excluded.

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