Hairdresser embroidery file Mega Set German phrases

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Our Mega Set around the topic hairdresser with key rings, ITH bags and motives starting from 10x10 frames (German phrases)

The single parts are partly available from 7cm to 10x10, the texts from 10x10 to max 20x30, the 12 ITH bags are from 13x18 to 16x26 and the 5 key rings / bag trees are for the 10x10 frame, a very extensive set.

So everyone can participate again, even with a small frame. Have fun with this great set from the whole Rock-Queen Team!

Motifs: 60, Files: 192
Technique: full embroidery, line & text embroidery, satin stitch application, ITH
frames: from 10x10, 16x26, 18x30, 20x30
stitches: The stitches and sizes are shown on the overviews, explanation: S = number of stitches, C = colour change, H = height in mm, W = width in mm
Object size: The sizes in millimeters are shown on the overviews.
Set Info: It is only sold as a set, sale of individual embroidery files is excluded.

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