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Dear friends of embroidery, here comes the whole "ANJA" calligraphic alphabet in capital letters A-Z, small letters a-z, äöüß and numbers 0-9, special characters like ;,-/ as a set (embroidery pattern, embroidery file). In addition, we have added the initials (capital letters) of an ornamental font. This can be combined with many machine fonts, but also with the Anja font

It is available in 3 sizes for the 10x10cm - 4x4" hoop

The letters are colour coded and have the numbers 13, 20 or 25 on the back, so it is easy to find, colours and endings must always be the same.
blue = xx-13
pink = xx-20
green = xx-25

The letter heights are clearly visible on the overviews, a few examples:

blue = xx-13, for example the "n" = 5mm high and the "A" = 10,7mm high
pink = xx-20, for example the "n" = 7,9mm high and the "A" = 16,3mm high
green = xx-25, there is e.g. the "n" = 11,9mm high and the "A" = 24,7mm high

The ornamental lettering / initials are available in 2 sizes and these are marked with xx-20, xx-25, also in the same colours as the lower case letters, here they match with "pink xx-20" and with "green xx-25)
The height of the pink initials are about 24mm high, the green ones about 35mm high.
More information can be found on the photos, with detailed examples.

How to put the letters together I wrote here. Unfortunately I don't know how it works with ALL machines, for that you would have to look in your manual. For V3 and Jan 250e it works like this: Join single letters to a name

Everything for 10x10 frames or larger. There are 271 letters, numbers, special characters and 3 trees as bonus.

> Files: 274
> Technique: Text embroidery
> Hoop: from 10x10 - 4x4"
> Stitches: The stitches are shown on the overviews, explanation: S = number of stitches, C = colour change, H = height in mm, W = width in mm
> Object Size: The sizes in millimeters are shown on the overviews.
> Set Info: It is only sold as a set, sale of single embroidery files is excluded.

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